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Physically better is the goal, mentally better is the necessity

Everyone needs a hero. Be your own



I have been involved in physical activities between sports and the gym for over 20 years. I understand the uniqueness to everyone's own body, own goals, and own journey. Whether you be someone who wants to be a better athlete, be stronger, be more flexible, look better, or simply for better health, I'm just as excited as you to go on YOUR journey with you. I ended 2020 with a broken and dislocated ankle, followed that with a sprained MCL in August. BUT that setback helped re-inspire me and helped me be a better trainer. It helped me enjoy the opportunity to welcome and overcome adversity, it helped me even more understand the positive things to your mind that training does, on top of the importance of being able to prevent and come back from any type of injury.  Getting in shape isn't a punishment, its the key to unlock what's behind the door of your mind. Training and fitness is not a one size fits all, let me help find your size. A healthier lifestyle is not meant to be unaffordable. I offer a multitude of options, plans, and services so you don't have to put yourself out financially to be healthy.

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"When things are going bad, there's going to be some good that will come from it. Didn't get promoted? Good more time to get better. Didn't get funded? Good we own more of the company. Didn't get the job you wanted? Good go out and gain more experience build a better resume. Got injured? Good you needed a break from training. Got beat? Good we learned. Unexpected problems? Good we have an opportunity to figure out a solution. If you can say the word 'Good' it means you're still alive, you're still breathing you still have some fight left in you, go forward." --- Jocko Willink

Two weeks after the first of two surgeries. Already to it, scooter and all.